Not Your Everyday Hobbies

Goldfish swimming in front of sunken ship decoration

It seems that nearly anything could be considered a hobby nowadays. Even appearing in the background of various news channels’ weather segments! Some hobbies may be more difficult to keep up than others, but no matter what they are, we do them because we love them. Being able to create a piece of art, collect various items that tell a story, or participate in events that bring a thrill are elements that make hobbies fun and worthwhile.

Some hobbies seem to be standard but, while you might be familiar with model airplane assembling or stamp collecting-type hobbies, have you ever considered these?

Dumpster diving. While it’s unappealing to most, those who do it know the treasures they can find. Ever seen Storage Wars? In a way, what they do is somewhat like dumpster diving and look how much they make from that! Whether for money, for new home furnishings, or just to see what you can see, dumpster diving might be stinky, but it sure can have some cool rewards.

Taxidermy. This hobby might give some the heebie jeebies, but creepy or not it’s definitely an art! As a bonus, collectors all around the world will pay good money for a perfectly posed squirrel.

Soap carving. You wouldn’t want to use your masterpiece after it’s done. Soap carving can result in beautiful, intricate works of art that even the most stalwart soap user would hate to destroy.

Navel fluff collecting. Wait, what? Yep, there are some people who like to collect navel fluff. While this may seem strange to you, to others it’s a fun and interesting adventure.

Extreme ironing. Extreme ironing is exactly what it sounds like. Ironing in extreme situations. Enthusiasts will iron while tubing down a river, or while scaling a rock or cliff. See? Housework doesn’t have to be boring at all.

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